New Born Services

The neonatal unit and the nursery have the latest equipment, open care systems, multi-parameter monitoring and expert nurses. There’s a specialised baby-care unit and a paediatric outpatient follow-up clinic. Being a compact set-up the nurse-baby ratio is more than adequate & personal help is available around the clock.


We have a 6 bed neonatal intensive care unit with the infrastructure required for management of extremely low birth weight pre-term newborns and other extremely ill babies.

The NICU is managed by a group of special doctors and trained neonatal staff nurses providing holistic neonatal and paediatric care. Our senior consultant paediatricians, intensivists and neonatologists come with many years of experience in advanced neonatal care.

Our neonatal unit offers:

• Non-invasive nasal CPAP

• Central arterial and venous catheterisation and cardiac monitoring with backup ventilator facility.

• Established protocols for Retinopathy of prematurity, hearing and newborn metabolic and genetic screening as per international standards

• 24 x7 bedside X-ray and blood gas monitoring


Paediatric Centre & Surgery

Under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Deepak Sehgal, we have a team of paediatric specialists and a child care centre.

We routinely carry out surgical procedures for infants and children. A comprehensive preventive immunization plan is given to all infants and children; regular records are maintained till the child 15 years old.

Developmental Assessment clinic – Children with special behavioural disorders are given special attention.

Paediatric Dental Clinic

Our Paediatric Dental Specialty clinic is a one of its kind set up that caters exclusively to the dental needs of infants, children and adolescents. Our in-house specialist has been treating children for the last twelve years. Her focus has been to ensure that the dental appointment ends in smiles and the resolve to maintain habits for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Services offered:

• Infant oral health care examination including risk assessment.

• Preventive dental care including cleaning and fluoride application.

• Restoration of cavities and other defects in teeth.

• Root canal treatment of milk teeth and permanent teeth.

• Counselling and appliance therapy for habits (thumb sucking, lip biting etc)

• Early assessment for straightening teeth and correcting improper bite.

• Care for dental injuries such as fractured or knocked out teeth.

• Care of special children and very young children using general anaesthesia as a day care treatment option.

We strongly believe that treatment does not mean treating a child; it means educating a family on the importance and need for good teeth and gums.